Trai’D Speaks On Upcoming Mixtape

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Whats the message your trying to send with this album?

That, I’m The Best (Laughs)…No, Seriously Alot of people around the world have heard about me, but haven’t really got to know me. I’m tryna give people a inside on what my life is like. What life is like down in Dallas, Tx. All classic albums “The Chronic” “Get Rich Or Die Tryin” they give you sense of riding shotgun with the artist its a real musical experience, This classic Experience you going to ride with the lil nigga with the best raps in high school, who went on to being the best musician in Dallas, The State, The Whole South, Internationally Known all that good shit (Laughs). I Think its going to be first big step in my take over, And something special for my fans.

How did you come up with the title? 
I don’t have a title, I did have a title (Deep Ellum), but as i made more beats and recorded more songs the project they didn’t fit the title, I didn’t want to try to make songs for a title, I want to make the songs about how i feel and issues were all dealing with and let them come together and give me a title, Once i get it out of mastering in a few days I’ll prolly ride around the city to it smoke a lot of weed, and just vibe out to it… and the title will come i got a few ideas already
How many tracks?  
13 tracks
What producers and artist did you work with? 
I worked with the Legend the Rap God The D.O.C for one particular record he’s a genius. This cat name Uness out of Toronto he works with Ryan Leslie, Drake alot of people he’s dope, Broadway another great singer. I Always do alot of rap features on this project I reached out to alot of vocalist for this one i’ll have a few big surprises on there. On the beats i got some heat from CeCe G, The A Team, Rodger The Dodger. That’s about it, I produced 90 percent of this album my mother******* self (laughs).
Whats your favorite song off the album? 
I got a couple. I cant lie, This joint “Come Around”, Its just one of those songs ladies are really going to love. Niggas have been threw it to so they definitely gone feel me. Its one of my favs I played the guitar on it to… “When The Girls Light Up” Is hard to, And a record called “I Get Out” its going to stick out like a sore thumb on the album kinda like “Popular” did .
When can we expect the album?. 
 If all goes as planned my birthday March 27, Spring 2013  #SpringBreakTrai

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  1. I have been a fan of urs for a min. I am looking forward to this.

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