A Headache for The Hangover Part II

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Tattoo artist Victor Whitmill is attempting to sue the producers of The Hangover part II for copying the famous tattoo on the right of Mike Tyson face. In the sequel Stu (Ed Helms) is awaken by Alan & Phill to find that he has a duplicate of Tyson’s Maori tattoo inked on his face. In suing Warner Bros. Whitmill clams the studio bosses are misappropriating his art for the sequel.

Victor previously inked the tattoo on Tyson and copyrighted the work in 2003. Filed a lawsuit to request that a federal judge order the art unseen in the marketing and film. Since then the judge has dismissed Whitmill’s request for the injunction.The Hangover part II is to release everywhere memorial weekend. We can only see what happens. The Hangover is one of the top hilarious movies of the decade lets hope the sequel can compete.

Below are a few words from the studio relating to the judge ruling.

“We are very gratified by the Court’s decision which will allow the highly anticipated film, The Hangover II to be released on schedule this week around the world,” said Warner Bros. in a statement that sounds like it came straight from the legal department. “Plaintiff’s failed attempt to enjoin HII in order to try and extract a massive settlement payment from Warner Bros. was highly inappropriate and unwarranted.”

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