Next To Blow: “The Jaeson Green Story”

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Jae Green
How Long Have You Been Doing Music?
I’ve been recording and writing since I was 16 years old. I would write poetry around the ages of 12-13yrs. So it was only natural to take it to the next level after I understood how to write a 16 bar verse.

When Did You Realize You Want To Take It Seriously?
I realized I wanted to take it seriously about 2 years ago. Working a 9 to 5 will open up your eyes to what your passion is and what really matters the most in your life especially after you’ve been working pay check to pay check just like your parents did or still are doing.

Who Are Some Of Your Musical Influences?
Well I must say that it’s GOD Given so I draw a lot of inspiration from my own life as well as from the circumstances that my family and close friends are in. Also I would have to say two of my major Hip Hop influences will have to be out of Jay-Z and Scarface. Simply because of their graphic lyrics and vivid perspectives when they speak about their lives; plus music in general such as “Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Blues, Soul, Gospel, etc…”

How Did You Start To Buzz?
Well just by persistence and making the music that I would listen to. Giving people what I feel that they want from me and my brand. Also just by showing my face at different events and networking. I still have a hell of a lot of work ahead of me, so I feel like I’m not gone be comfortable until 10-15 years from now when I’ve made a career on a mainstream level. A few Grammy’s isn’t going to hurt either. LOL! 

If You Could Change One Thing About The Music Industry What Would It Be?
The one thing I’d change about the industry is the politics, but I’m pretty sure every artist would and will say the same thing. But it comes with the game that we play. You just have to learn how to adapt to it and keep your head on the swivel.

What New Music Do You Have Coming Out?
The newest body of music is a mini EP entitled “1.5” that you can download straight from Also I’m still tighten up my official second project entitled “VOL. 2 The Green House Effect” which I feel is going to be the project that’s going to take me where I need to go in my career at this point in my life. 

Jae Green

What Artist/Producers Are You Working With On This Project?
Right now I’m working with the likes of Mathew Clay, Clay West, T-Hall, and Ty-city just to name a few artists. The producers very from Big Tra Music, Rob Vargas Music, J Willisonthebeat, Ce Ce G, Tony Staxx, Naaman Daniels just to name a few.

What Message Are Your Trying To Send With This Next Project?
The message that I wish to send to the listeners is always a positive one. Growing up I hardly had people telling me how to survive in life so that’s why I try to uplift people when I write. Whether it’s a party track, or if it’s just dealing with something real, I want people to feel better about life even when it feels like life is just too much to deal with.

When Can We Expect The New Project?
“1.5” the EP dropped January 15, 2013 so you can download that or just listen for free at “Vol. 2 The Green House Effect” I’m predicting will be out late April early May of this year, and I can’t wait for you’ll to hear it hope you’ll love it. You can also get that from when that drops.

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