Mathew Clay “I’m Bringing G Back” The Interview

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How Long Have You Been Doing Music?
I started rapping at about 14, it was around the time 50 cent came out. I had limewire so i would jack all the dope instrumentals and rap over them.
When Did You Realize You Want To Take It Seriously?
 I don’t think it was a personal decision, I was putting my music out for fun and doing shows then i started getting paid for the shows, and doin business with the power players in the city, that’s when I noticed that everything was getting real.

Who Are Some Of Your Musical Influences? 
  I don’t really have a musical influence at the moment. I listen to me, and most of the time I’m either trying to out do myself or whoever I’m on a track with
 How Did You Start To Buzz?
 I pressed heavy product with my team, went after other rappers lyrcially and physically. I got my colleagues talking about me enough to were their fans became fans of mine.
If You Could Change One Thing About The Music Industry What Would It Be?
I would like for it to be more hands on less internet shit, like it was back in the day when people went looking for new music
What New Music Do You Have Coming Out?
Right now I’m in the post-production phase for my follow up project from “Clays Day” its titled “ATILLA”.
What Artist/Producers Are You Working With On This Project?
I production from Sparrow, Ace, CeCe G, and Sherb. As far as artist on the tape i got Jaeson Green for sure on a few tracks, Cashmir, Clay West, Trai’D , Yung Nation, and AdD+

What Message Are Your Trying To Send With This Next Project?
I’m bringing “G” back!!!
When Can We Expect The New Project?
Before winter turns into spring 2013 !!!

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